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Things I am sick and tired of.

Smug, self righteous Christians who are perfectly fine with forcing their religion on other people by deciding to “vote” that they should bear risks so that the Smug and Self Righteous Christian can feel superior.  I responded there, which I will repeat here, and add the addendum I erased.


One of those rules is, as I recall, against the bearing of false witness against your neighbor. Shame on you for violating it. Shame on you for mischaracterizing so many people, in order to erect a strawman that you may smugly knock down and proudly stand self-righteous and superior.

Tell me, Pastor. If a man is beating his wife, do you counsel her to go back to him and “Trust Jesus?” Or better yet, he beats his wife when he drinks, and he promises right now that he is going to quit drinking and never do it again, like he has many times before. Is your advice then “Trust Jesus, and go back to your husband?” Or is it more like “While marriage is an institution that should be preserved and forgiveness for past sins important, you should probably at least make sure he is in earnest and has mended his ways before you set up housekeeping with him again?”

Or perhaps I could point out that the whole “Trust Jesus and offer it up to the Lord” argument cuts two ways. I’ve noticed that this “principle,” scare quotes intended, is applied rather selectively, and that when it comes to many people’s secular politics of the kingdoms of this world this morphs into “Be the change you want to see, God isn’t a magician performing for your pleasure and works through people working for justice.”

Trust in the Lord is well and good when you are at the point of having to take that final leap of faith because you can never have absolute certainty. But the Lord also gave us reason, and repeatedly we are commanded to exercise discernment and good judgment based on that reason. Part of that includes doing due diligence to obtain more facts on which to base that discernment.

Save for a few fringe freaks talking about closing the borders to all, which are counterbalanced by the equally irrational people claiming that even a few terrorist attacks are an acceptable price to pay for “being true to our ideals,” nobody is talking about “^@#% those towel-wearing Mooselimbs. LET THEM DIE!” It’s not being said. The governors have said “We need more information, no until then.” The same thing as the most recent house bill, and it is a contemptible lie to characterize that as anything but. It is uncharitable and false witness. It is a sin against God and your brothers in Christ, and you should hang your head in shame for it.

Regardless of your politics, as there are many of this president’s own party that have come out against him – even Nancy Pelosi declined to push for a party line vote – there has been some serious underestimating of ISIS going on from the time they were referred to as “The JV Team” until mere hours before the Paris attack where Barack Obama declared ISIS to be contained. It is absurd to suggest that bipartisan groups saying “Maybe you don’t have the full handle on this you think you do” is anything but a reasonable objection. Which should be answered.

It’s well and good to talk about how well the refugees program has worked “in the past.” The past also did not include an ISIS which has pledged, and followed through, on boasts that they will exploit the crisis to insert terrorist operatives into the west.

They did just that very thing last Friday. The demonstrated the intent, will, and ability to do so.

Sir, it may be unChristian to deny aid to someone if they need it. It is not unChristian to verify that such aid is needed rather than some grifter looking to swindle you out of money or goods if that verification can be obtained through ordinary means, precisely because far too often those resources are finite, and to hand out such money or goods means that it is likely someone among the truly needy will have to be told “Sorry, the soup pot is empty and we’re out of sandwiches. God’s blessing, though, on you and your children and your empty bellies.”

I will tell you one thing that is unChristian, is having the hubris and arrogance to think that your proffered solution (or form of aid) is the only one which will do anything good. Someone is not being unChristian to suggest that Mercy Hospital rather than Downtown General will better serve someone who is sick. Someone is not being unChristian to suggest that the alcoholic with a track record of taking money to buy booze instead of food should just have a meal bought for him instead of being given a twenty. Someone is not being unChristian to suggest that help for someone should focus more on solving their problem of poverty, homelessness, or whatnot and that band-aids which do not achieve this end should have less focus on them.

GIven the changed circumstances, given the express and demonstrably credible threats, given the credible objections that this crisis has been at the very least somewhat mishandled, someone is not being unChristian to suggest that perhaps some heightened scrutiny, of exercising that discernment might be in order rather than rushing things through with no clearly articulated plan for doing so besides “Trust us, we did okay with it in different times and different realities in the past, and we promise that this time we’re on top of it.”

I’ve been to Paris, Pastor. There are many prayerful and devout people who trust in God there. And last Friday, God still left bodies littering the street. This tells me that he’s probably not promising a magic show and expects us to deal with the problems we made, much like the Dalai Lama said just this past week.

Hmm. Just a thought, maybe we could be the miracle we want to see? Are you really suggesting that “Trust God when in doubt” includes “Lead with your chin when someone is cocked back for a right cross?” Turning the other cheek doesn’t mean I need to go looking for someone to slap me around. Trust me. They will find me. Sometimes they may be lined up taking numbers. I don’t need to take out a billboard.

These objections and concerns are not invincible, either. I can think of several with casual thought which would advance assurances by leaps and bounds. “We’re going to move X resources from Y to handle quadrupling our throughput so that we can do this without cutting corners. We are linking new databases. Agencies will be ordered to share information. We will establish a refugee camp where those whose status is in doubt can live until they are vetted. We will put congress in charge of administering it. A, B, or C, conditions will shut down the program. If holes are found, we will suspend it until they are closed. We will pressure the 53 members of the OIC to start taking in refugees because thus far they have taken ZERO. Review of this will happen – say – quarterly. Christians and Yazidis will be included as refugees. People who are found abusing this program or bearing false documents will be dealt with to make an example of them. We will agree to funding this program by special legislation so we can’t petulantly threaten to shut down the government if we don’t get our way in every particular.” You know. That “compromise” everyone always claims to want, but never actually supports when the rubber meets the road.

And so on. That’s just off the top of the head.

10,000, Hell. If you’re willing to do that, and it seems achievable in real metrics, we can do 20,000 as far as I am concerned.

My family has paid a heavy price already in this war on terror. One death at the Pentagon, a cousin with a broken body, a brother with a broken soul, and other cousins with a haunted look in their eyes and a distant stare to things I shudder to think of. If we can through due diligence take steps to make a Paris here in our nation less likely, what is unChristian is forgetting the words of Our Lord to “Not Tempt The Lord Thy God.”

And let’s try a little honesty in addressing the arguments that are – you know – ACTUALLY being made.

Angry?  Damn right I’m angry.  I had the sad fortune to be out visiting my cousin one anniversary of 9/11 and she couldn’t speak for three days because every time she did, she sobbed.  It took two of us to all but carry her to the grave, and she knelt there for two hours running her fingers through the grass and making these noises in her throat that fill my eyes with tears to think of them.  A thousand yard stare that never went away. Two children scared and confused because Mommy was so distraught.

And somehow I’m “unChristian?” because I think that if we have any means at hand to make sure nobody else has to do that, we should do it?  If you really believe that, than you’re a son of a bitch who needs to hit his knees and ask the Lord to instruct you in what “Morality” is.  To have that real risk staring you in the face – the risk not just on you, but to ask that someone else will pay that kind of price over their objections based on your beliefs – isn’t just UN-Christian.  It’s ANTI-Christian.

Get thee behind us, Satan.


The Ewok Nails It.

Read it, and read it all.

Money quote:

For fifty years, the left — the Democrats, the media, one in the same — have mounted an ugly attack on America, a sustained “critique” of all her non-leftist institutions.

Now the right is taking a darker view of America, given its current Soft Enthusiasm for fascism.

Who has been trying to persuade everyone that any show of patriotism was mere jingoism, and indoctrinating our children with the idea that “America ain’t all that?”

Well – got what you were after.  Remember Libs – he who wants it least, wins.

So – how’s that fundamentally transformed Amerika you’ve been working on?  Like it now?

Be a fuckin’ SHAME if something were to – ya know – HAPPEN to it.

It probably should be said.

Well, it shouldn’t have to be said.  But in these Orwellian times we live in, it does.

I don’t care if you’re gay.  If you’re the obnoxious type, I may not want to have shit to do with you, but that’s because you’re an asshole.

I don’t think you should be jailed, lose rights to speech, voting, earning a living, etc.

I don’t even think you shouldn’t be able to enter into a civil contract, including that of state-sponsored marriage.

I don’t think you are “Married,” at least in the sacramental sense.  Nor do I think you should be able to force anyone to help you celebrate the signing of your contract and placing it on file at the courthouse.  That’s your choice, and your business, and your problem.

If you don’t want me to “judge” you that means I don’t judge you bad – or GOOD.

Up the Establishment

Let’s start by saying that I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a “Patriotic American.”

My “America” is abstract.  It begins and ends with the constitution. The circles and squares of the green, yellow, and purple are fungible with the stars and stripes and red white and blue.  I place no value on the name or the trappings.

No. Value.

I have no allegiance to dirt, nor do I feel any jingoistic attachment to anyone else simply because we were born in proximate patches of dirt.  The flag is a mere symbol.  I don’t say the pledge, get outraged over people not saying it.  I’m loyal to people – not things.  Veterans did something that I respect.  The average schmuck – hasn’t.  I show that respect on Veteran’s day and Memorial day.  Flag day?  Meh.  I don’t even remember the last time I did the 4th of July.  Sometime in the 80’s, I think.

And I certainly have zero loyalty to “My Government.”  If someone asked “What would you call a plague that killed half of Washington?” my response would be “A good start.”  I’d have to BUY a flag to refuse to fly it at half mast in such an event. (Though I do have a Confederate flag.)  The last time I referred to anyone as “President ____________” was Ronaldus Magnus.

America is nothing special any more.  Some places better in a lot of respects, some places worse.

Of course, since the colonization of the world has given me no place to go to, I’m stuck here.  I vote because it affects me.  One of the “worse”were to land on the shores I might help drive them out, I’m not going to crap where I eat, or let my neighbors house burn out of spite lest it catch mine on fire.  OTOH, if I had reason to believe things might improve, I might also sit something like that out.  If the Heathen Chinee suddenly decided to abandon communism, adopt The Constitution in an old school way, and land in California to liberate us, I, for one, would welcome our new Asian overlords.

And this is not to get into an America debate, but to underscore where I am coming from when I say that “What a government says is of little concern to me.”  This is a government which has defined ketchup as a vegetable to tax it.  They are idiots.  Rotten, corrupt, cretinous reprobates who no longer have my interests at heart, with damn few exceptions.

In my fifty years I have seen “America” abandon the promises that people attempted to indoctrinate me with in my youth to me, mine, and many others. And I’m not going to go into that litany now, not the point.  Suffice it to say that I have seen “The State” rob people of their property, freedom, and lives; and betray those who sacrificed for it.  Frankly, I feel more “Patriotic Stirrings” for my beer making club.

This is why, in the whole Gay Marriage debate, my give a fuck is broke.

First, most the people agitating for it seems to not give a good God Damn about the myriad other freedoms that are lost; thus, I find it hard to take them seriously.  If they were defending a PRINCIPLE, I might.  Most of them are mewling sheep with “The Gubbmint should tell us what to do HERE!” and then, selectively outraged over this issue THERE.

Second, if you are a person who believes a slip of paper from a courthouse makes something sacred, I pity you.  I really do, I cannot even muster contempt.  Any “Marriage” vis-a-vis the state is a contract, which has a shelf life of that State’s ability or willingness to enforce it.  If civilization broke down tomorrow, what then?  What recourse would you have, other than the force you could muster, if your spouse decided to leave you, kick you out of the house, rob you blind and take the kids, or whatever?  It’s a piece of paper, and by itself it is the same stuff  that you wipe your ass with.

The only “worth” your “marriage” would have in such a hypothetical apocalypse is your commitment to each other.  It’s the only thing that means fuck all.  Worshipping and idolizing that “Mommy May I” from a courthouse – a pile of stacked bricks staffed with the “official gang” – is sad and pathetic, in the extreme. If I got a registered, “official” letter announcing that “Teh Thtate” no longer “recognized” my own marriage I might be annoyed that my tax money was spent on the paper, ink, and stamp;  And I might begrudge the time and money it would take to download NOLO forms, and fill out and file them; but other than that, my general response would be “Is that all you have, assholes? Pretty feeble.”

It’s something I don’t understand, I guess, is the eagerness of the gay sheep to run into the same sheep pen the straight sheep are trapped in.  Attend: Why are sheep penned?  So they can be fleeced, milked, and slaughtered.

Oh, by the way, while you were busy posting your trite little “=”signs, your Jesus pushed TPA/TPP through. Now watch the circus, Citizen.  Here – have a heel of bread, you dumbfuck.

I’m not “for”gay marriage because I’m not “for” straight marriage.  And I’m not opposed to it, either, because all people are begging for is “I DEMAND SOMETHING MEANINGLESS AND WORTHLESS!”  I’d object to giving you a dog turd because I’d have to get shit on my hands to give it to you.  This doesn’t even rise to that dignity.

EVERY state marriage is a mere civil union – whatever you call it.  It is a piece of paper, printed by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying NOTHING.  If your “marriage” is worth anything, you already have it. If it’s not, that paper does Jack and Shit.  The great self help gurus would tell you that you are looking to externals to validate yourself.  This means you need therapy.

That said – you want it?  *shrug* Whatevs.  I’m going to take you seriously – for the moment, at least pretend to – that you mean it when you say that “NOOOOOOBODY wants to make churches perform gay marriages! If you don’t want anything to do with it, then don’t!”  I will draw certain things to your attention: A photographer in NM who wanted nothing to do with it got persecuted for it.  A city in Kansas was or is trying to pass ordinaces to force churches to rent out their halls.  A church that declined to rent out their hall and have nothing to do with it got persecuted in NJ.  A Baker who wanted to have nothing to do with it via a cake got harassed recently.

These are not a separate issue – this is the EXPLICIT promise you are making – to leave people alone in exchange for them minding their own business. If you refuse to clean it up… well, you can’t call it a phobia if you give people an actual reason to be afraid.  And I won’t give a fuck how anyone chooses to resist it. No matter what the how is.

If you don’t agree to this deal, I’m against you.  E.O.D.

Now, as to the people  with their religious knickers in a twist…

Yeah, I get it that in every other place that same latter promise has been made, and broken.  And look what happened with the Indiana RFRA.  Emulate them.  You might narrow it – might be smarter to do so.  It’s going to be real hard for anyone to claim “We’re not trying to force anyone…” when they oppose bitterly laws that cement this.  This is like the guy who insists “We don’t NEED a contract.” No – when you hear that, you absolutely positively need that contract.

Second, as a man who was once married to a deeply closeted lesbian using me as a beard, you want this out in the daylight.

Third – civil marriage is a damn contract.  Let me cite canon 1091.2, which says marriages are invalid up to and including the fourth degree.  This means “First cousins.”  Now, you may not be Catholic, but bear with me.  Under church law, the church does not perform or recognize such marriages.  They are invalid.  In states where first cousins can legally marry, the church turns them away.  The church does not allow them to attend married couples retreats, as they are not married.

There is your “Secular Civil Union Marriage Contract Thingy.” Then there is “Holy Matrimony.” Stop confusing the  two.

This is an opportunity to get your shit together.  First stop being lazy, and move out of your Mistresses (The State’s) house. Step one would be to strike “By the power vested in me by the state of _______” from your ceremonies. FUCK THE STATE. Just FUCK them. You are marrying a couple by the authority vested in you from GOD.

Well, step one would be getting the flag out of the sanctuary, but that kind of goes hand in hand.

Step two would be to start taking your church marriages seriously and crack down – at least – on people getting divorced for any reasons other than abuse or adultery.

Marriage isn’t holy anymore because it is YOUR fault.  You got on the state tit, and got lazy.  You didn’t want to get into the messy business of “making judgments”and this is what you get.  Next time some woman decides she’s going to file for divorce because she feels “unfulfilled” or a husband abandons his wife for his secretary, I suggest you take action.  Even if it does mean you have an empty seat in the pew or a lighter collection plate.  Start making judgments.  Start taking sides.  Discipline your flock, and let the chips fall where they may. THAT IS YOUR JOB.  And you have failed. In a monumental fashion.  It’s time for an overhaul.

In that spirit, step three would be to tighten your canons and remind your congregations that a marriage performed in a church is the only valid marriage in church eyes.  Couples not so married are considered to be “Living in sin.”  Couples who refuse to do so, in the event of a divorce – well, sorry, you failed to get a real marriage.  We don’t get involved on secular contractual matters, we’re not a court of law.  They have zero problem with calling your blessing of Matrimony as “hocus pocus bullshit.” Back at them.  Christ came, in his words, to bring a sword.  Pick it up and smack a motherfucker with it and tell them to back the fuck off.

Draw.That. Line.  Boldface, 72 point type, great big quivering capital letters.  Remember the days when you would not do marriages to unbelievers?  Time to go back to it.  This will protect you legally as well. If you have a beautiful wedding chapel, make it clear that you’re only going to rent it to people that pass muster as –  at least – a Christian In Good Standing.  It’s very chic and trendy to be all ecumenical and shit, but, it’s time to grow a pair and tell the heterodox churches that bless gay marriage, “So sorry, but your denomination does not qualify.”  This can be illustrated in the fact that they do not understand what the sacrament of Holy Matrimony is about.

You have gotten So. Caught. Up. in the material that you have forgotten the spiritual.

While the snarkmasters of the left have smarmily said “Christianity has Pagan DNA” there is an element of truth to this.  Matrimony is, at the root, a fertility rite.  It is the union of two different things – yin and yang, masculine and feminine – into a whole.  Theologically it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to bestow this sacrament on two men or two women.  They cannot become one and bring forth new life from it, the only real creation power humanity has.  Blessing such a union makes as much sense as giving a woman a prostate exam, or fixing the exhaust manifold on your chair.  Go back to the basics and articulate this.

Stop letting unbelievers define you. Grow a spine.  And this is going to piss people off – so what?  Speak the truth as you see it.  Yes, a church marriage is the only real marriage.  Yes, this marriage is superior to that marriage.  They do not like you anyway, stop trying to please them.  Play the “Separation of Church and State, we don’t recognize your mere legal contract. Thanks for your input we will give it all the consideration it is due” card,  crumple, whoosh towards the trash can, plonk.

FUCK the state.  And fuck the heterodox.  You will have a better church without them.

Is this thing on?


First posts are almost always introductory posts.  I’ll not violate this tradition.  They are almost always trite and cutesy, too.  I’ll try to avoid that.

You get what you put into things, and with me you’ll find I give twice as good as I get, whether good, bad, or indifferent. I don’t believe in sugar-coating things, I’m often deliberately blunt to weed out Politically Correct asstards, and your behavior will set the tone for your interaction.  Get snarky, and I’m not even going to fuck with you.  Send me nastygrams and I reserve the right to publish them, with your email address, and mock you without pity.  By sending me email you also grant me the right to sign you up with spam sites and porn subscriptions.  I’m petty that way.

I say this because liberals are big on “Safe Spaces.”  Well, liberals, this is an unsafe space for you.  If you go to bed tonight with your Depends on because you piss yourself to think you have to live in a world with people like me – Good.

Wicked. Fenrir.  Wicked = Very Bad.  Fenrir = The Fenris Wolf.  The Big. Bad. Wolf.  Be sure to check under your bed for me.  Pray I’m not there.

I’m mixed race, so I’m a certifiable minority person of color and if you liberals disagree with me – Why do you hate brown people?

I’m Roman Catholic.  Go-to-Latin-Mass Roman Catholic.  When I discuss religion I do so through this lens and understanding.  Don’t worry, I have no interest in “converting” you.  You have had ample reason to hear the gospel, have rejected it, and I don’t care if you go to Hell.

Politically I’m libertarian.  Notice that is in lowercase.   I often vote Republican because I hate liberals and Democrats, and as far as I am concerned the Democrat Party might as well be Nazis, Communists, or Klansmen, take your pick. Personally I’m a rational anarchist, which boiled down to the bare essence means if I think a law is nonsensical, I don’t feel under any obligation to obey it, or to not jump through loopholes, or to not twist it so as to pervert the intent.

I don’t, however, vote for RINOs or Acela Republicans.

I’m married and a father.

That’s all that anyone needs to know, and as far as that goes if you feel my opinion is disqualified because of any of those things, you’re beneath my notice or contempt.

The purpose of this blog?  Conservative/Libertarian types have been taking it on the chin lately by playing nice and by Marquis of Queensbury rules, and doing their duty by pulling the lever.  So I’m asking the question “How is that working out for you?”

And yes, I do have some better ideas.