About The Wolf

The wolf is a man.  A male.  Not a “cismale.” While a few – to be pitied – people may be outliers and born with a genetic intersex condition, if your plumbing matches your chromosomes, that is what you are.  If you are free and over 21 you may certainly dress in women’s clothing, mutilate yourself, act effeminate, and pretend you are a woman, but you are not. (Same in reverse) The money you spend on transition would probably have been better spent on therapy, but your choice, your problem, and if people treat you like a freak – well, you asked for it.  And you have an affirmative responsibility to inform people of this – assuming you have an intent to try to have sex with that person, as most people have no wish to have sex with what you are offering.

The wolf is heterosexual.  Which means I am attracted sexually to women that were born women, and not freaks (See above).  If you are one of those people who can pass, and you get your face punched in for lying by omission, I think you got off easy. Tricking people into engaging in sex with you is rape, and anyone who kills their rapist, I think, has a case for self-defense. I know I’d never convict them.

The wolf is married and a father.  Which means I am not here trolling for women.  My wife is smoking hot, and I know a good thing when I have it.

The wolf is Catholic.  Yes, I do think I am right, elsewise I’d not bother or just randomly select a Sunday morning social club.  Have no fear, I’ve no wish to convert you.  If there is a hell, and you are going there  – I don’t much give a bag of sour owl shit.

The wolf is libertarian.  Lowercase.  Mind your own business and keep your hands to yourself.  Honestly, if you aren’t picking my pocket, breaking my leg, or threatening my property I don’t much care what you do. While I feel a moral obligation to personally help anyone truly in need, I reserve the right to decide someone is a grifter and should go hungry or be sent out into the cold.

The wolf is mixed race.  As are most of us.  If you rely on race to either give anyone more or less credence then guess what?  You’re a racist.  Power has shit to do with it.

The wolf is a citizen by birth of the United States of America.  My loyalty to the government of that country is pretty much at the dead bottom of my list, I have some hobby clubs I belong to that I feel more loyalty to.  Frankly, I don’t much regard blue Americans as my countrymen anymore, and if an credible rebellion or invasion came, I’d want to hear what they had to offer before I decided sides.  I’m not going to shit where I sleep, and certainly have not the funds, time, or influence to start a secession movement – but, yeah, I’d join one in a heartbeat the way things stand.  Have no fear, Blues – I’ve felt this way since about 1990, so it’s not Teh Raciss against Teleprompter Jesus.

I was born southern, and I am damn proud of it, and of my history and heritage, including the white part of it.

I earn my daily bread by the sweat of my brow.

Anything else is my business, and has no bearing on things.


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