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First posts are almost always introductory posts.  I’ll not violate this tradition.  They are almost always trite and cutesy, too.  I’ll try to avoid that.

You get what you put into things, and with me you’ll find I give twice as good as I get, whether good, bad, or indifferent. I don’t believe in sugar-coating things, I’m often deliberately blunt to weed out Politically Correct asstards, and your behavior will set the tone for your interaction.  Get snarky, and I’m not even going to fuck with you.  Send me nastygrams and I reserve the right to publish them, with your email address, and mock you without pity.  By sending me email you also grant me the right to sign you up with spam sites and porn subscriptions.  I’m petty that way.

I say this because liberals are big on “Safe Spaces.”  Well, liberals, this is an unsafe space for you.  If you go to bed tonight with your Depends on because you piss yourself to think you have to live in a world with people like me – Good.

Wicked. Fenrir.  Wicked = Very Bad.  Fenrir = The Fenris Wolf.  The Big. Bad. Wolf.  Be sure to check under your bed for me.  Pray I’m not there.

I’m mixed race, so I’m a certifiable minority person of color and if you liberals disagree with me – Why do you hate brown people?

I’m Roman Catholic.  Go-to-Latin-Mass Roman Catholic.  When I discuss religion I do so through this lens and understanding.  Don’t worry, I have no interest in “converting” you.  You have had ample reason to hear the gospel, have rejected it, and I don’t care if you go to Hell.

Politically I’m libertarian.  Notice that is in lowercase.   I often vote Republican because I hate liberals and Democrats, and as far as I am concerned the Democrat Party might as well be Nazis, Communists, or Klansmen, take your pick. Personally I’m a rational anarchist, which boiled down to the bare essence means if I think a law is nonsensical, I don’t feel under any obligation to obey it, or to not jump through loopholes, or to not twist it so as to pervert the intent.

I don’t, however, vote for RINOs or Acela Republicans.

I’m married and a father.

That’s all that anyone needs to know, and as far as that goes if you feel my opinion is disqualified because of any of those things, you’re beneath my notice or contempt.

The purpose of this blog?  Conservative/Libertarian types have been taking it on the chin lately by playing nice and by Marquis of Queensbury rules, and doing their duty by pulling the lever.  So I’m asking the question “How is that working out for you?”

And yes, I do have some better ideas.


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